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Fiberglass Geogrid

The glass fiber geogrid is made of glass fiber alkali-free and roving-free roving as the main raw material. The mesh structure material made by a certain weaving process is used to protect the glass fiber and improve the overall performance. After a special coating process, a new type of coating is formed. Excellent geotechnical substrate.
The main component of glass fiber is: silicon oxide, which is an inorganic material. Its physical and chemical properties are extremely stable, and it has high strength, high modulus, high wear resistance and excellent cold resistance, no long-term creep; thermal stability. Good; the mesh structure locks and limits the aggregate; improves the load-bearing capacity of the asphalt mixture. Because the surface is coated with special modified asphalt, it has two-fold composite performance, which has the superiority of glass fiber and the compatibility with asphalt mixture, which greatly improves the wear resistance and shear resistance of geogrid. Cutting ability.
(1) High tensile strength and low elongation—The glass fiber geogrid is made of glass fiber and has high resistance to deformation, and the elongation at break is less than 3%.
(2) No long-term creep—As a reinforcing material, it is extremely important to have the ability to resist deformation under long-term load, that is, creep resistance, and the glass fiber does not creep, which ensures that the product can maintain performance for a long period of time.
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