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Polyester Geogrid

Polyester geogrid is a new type of high-quality geotechnical substrate for reinforcing roadbed. High-strength polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber is used as raw material. The warp-knitted oriented structure is used. The warp and weft yarns in the fabric are not bent with each other, and the intersection is high. The bundles of fiber filaments are combined to form a firm joint point and give full play to its mechanical properties.
Polyester grille has many characteristics such as high tensile strength, low elongation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong bite force with base material, light weight and drainage.
Various high-grade roads, soft roadbed reinforcement of railways, different base materials of different roads; reinforcement of dams and rivers in water conservancy projects, isolation, reinforcement of soft soil foundation, enhancement of protection capacity, improvement of basic bearing capacity and stability It is used for reinforcement of embankment slopes and reinforcement of retaining walls to enhance overall strength.
SHENZHOU EARTH is one of the professional Polyester Geogrid manufacturers and Suppliers with 13 years of experience, where the quality products cost less at best price.
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