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PP Geogrid

PP Geogrid's ribbed polymer plastics are extruded and stretched to have high tensile strength. The intersection of the longitudinal and transverse ribbed belts is ultrasonically welded to ensure stable product quality and ensure the grid mesh. The effective interlocking of the grid to the soil. At the same time, the strength of the grid can change the tension of the rib belt and adjust the number of rib belts to design different specifications. To meet the needs of different projects and various technical indicators.
PP Geogrid has high strength, low elongation (breaking elongation of no more than 12%) and its creep is small. The grid is reinforced, reinforcing the foundation, improving the bearing capacity, reducing the uneven settlement, and impeding the formation of the soil failure surface. The PP welded geogrid has good flexibility. Because the material is continuously stretched and the transverse ribs are double-sidedly clamped, the performance of the geogrid is maintained even if it is cracked.
SHENZHOU EARTH is one of the professional PP Geogrid manufacturers and Suppliers with 13 years of experience, where the quality products cost less at best price.
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