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Biaxial Geogrid Made By Polypropylene(PP)

Biaxial Geogrid Made By Polypropylene(PP)

Product Description Model NO.: BX1515 Specification: CE, ISO HS Code: 3926909090 Trademark: SHENZHOU Origin: China Biaxial Geogrid is made by polypropylene(PP) as the raw material, through special extruded & biaxial. Polypropylene biaxial geogrid 15x15 Raw material: Polypropylene Ultimate...

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Product Details


The plastic geogrid is extruded, formed and stamped from a high molecular polymer and then stretched longitudinally and transversely. It is a Reinforcement PP biaxial geogrid that has considerable tensile strength in both the machine and cross directions. The chain structure can effectively withstand and spread the force on the soil, and is suitable for reinforcement of large-area permanent load-bearing foundation.

Basic Info.

Polypropylene biaxial geogrid 15x15
Raw material: Polypropylene
Ultimate tensile strength: 15x15 KN/m
Tensile strength @2% strain MD: 5KN/m
Tensile strength @2% strain CMD: 5KN/m
Tensile strength @5% strain MD: 7KN/m
Tensile strength @5% strain CMD: 7KN/m
Elongation MD/CMD: 15%/13% max.
Resistance to long term degradation: 100%
Resistance to UV degradation: 100%
Carbon content: 2% max.
Mesh size: 39mm x 39mm
Roll width: 3.9m
Roll length: 50m


1. Increase the bearing capacity of the roadbed and foundation and prolong the service life.

2. Prevent the road surface and foundation from sinking or collapsing, and keep the ground clean and beautiful.

3. Convenient construction, saving time and effort, reducing installation time and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Prevent culvert from collapsing.

5. Strengthen the slope to prevent soil erosion.

6. Reduce the thickness of the bottom layer and save manufacturing costs.

7. Enhance the stability of the slope turf net patch and improve the greening.

8. Replace the wire mesh used in the mine as an intermediate ceiling mesh.

9. Foundation reinforced two-axis geogrid.