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Road Construction Material Fiberglass Asphalt Paved Geogrid Prices

Road Construction Material Fiberglass Asphalt Paved Geogrid Prices

Geogrid, Fiberglass Geogrid, Strong Tensile Geogrid manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Road Construction Material Fiberglass Asphalt Paved Geogrid Prices, 125g 145g 160g Wall / Roof Heat Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh for Sale, E Glass Woven Roving Fiber Glass Cloth with 225G/M2, 300G/M2 and so on.

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Product Details


1. Light weight, high tensile strength, high modulus, low elongation and good toughness.

2. Corrosion resistance, no long-term creep, long life span.

3. Good physical and chemical stability and good thermal stability.

4. Resistant to fatigue cracking, high-temperature track and low temperature shrinkage cracking.

5. Delaying and decreasing crack reflection.


1. Maintenance of old asphalt road reinforcement of asphalt pavement.

2. Converting old cement concrete road into composite road.

3. Restraining reflection cracking caused by block shrinkage.

4. Preventing and controlling the cracking caused by new and old combination and uneven settlement.

5. Road extension.

6. Reinforcement of soft soil foundation and overall strength of roadbed.

Basic Info.

  • Material: Plastic

  • Samples: Free Samples with Available

  • Width: 1m--3m

  • Aperture: 12.7*12.7 / 25.4*25.4 /40*40

  • The Elongation Ratio: Not More Than 10%

  • Color: Black

  • Viscose: With Viscose

  • Classification: Plastic Geogrid

  • Colour: Black

  • Tensile Strength: 15-200kn/M

  • Length: 50m or Customize

  • Width Range: 1m--6m

Technical Data
Fiberglass Geogrid

Intensity (KN/M)Longitudinal2530405080100
Break elongation ratio%≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3
Grid (mm)12.7x12.725.4x25.4
Breadth (m)1-61-61-61-61-61-6

Self-adhesiveFiberglass Geogrid

Performance/ SpecificationEGA40-40 Self-adhesiveEGA50-50 Self-adhesiveEGA60-60 Self-adhesiveEGA80-80 Self-adhesiveEGA100-100 Self-adhesiveEGA120-120
Break elongation ratio%≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3
Grid (mm)12.7x12.725.4x25.4
Breadth (m)1-61-61-61-61-61-6

Glass fiber geogrid asphalt pavement layer construction method: anchoring method

a. The adhesive layer oil is made of AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot asphalt. The specification and quality of the adhesive layer oil should conform to JTJ032-94, “Technical Specifications for Highway Asphalt Pavement Construction”, and sprayed by special vehicles. The adhesive layer oil is about 0.4kg-0.6kg per square meter.

b. When laying the fiberglass geogrid, it should be laid smoothly and tightly, the length of the horizontal overlap should be 50-100mm, the length of the longitudinal overlap should be 150-200mm, and according to the paving direction, the plastic geogrid manufacturer , press the rear end under the front end.

c. Roll with a rubber roller.

d. 50 50 0.3mm fixed iron, required to be flat and not warped, the surrounding should be chamfered, 2 inches steel nail (high quality cement nail)

e When nailing the fiberglass geogrid, fix one end with a fixed iron and nail on the lower structure of the sprinkled asphalt. When the grille is longitudinally tightened, the glass fiber is in a straight and straight state.

f. When the nail is fixed, the grid overlap distance is: the longitudinal joint overlap distance is not less than 15cm, and the horizontal overlap distance is not less than 5cm.

g. When nailing, do not nail the nail to the glass fiber, nor use the hammer to directly hit the glass fiber.

h. To prevent the tires of the construction vehicle from sticking the fiberglass grille and the sticky oil. And the asphalt concrete paver wheel slipping phenomenon, the stone should be sprinkled on the surface of the adhesive layer oil, the amount of stone scrap is 3m3/1000m2-5m3/1000m2.