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Geomembrane HDPE 2mm Waterproof Material

Geomembrane HDPE 2mm Waterproof Material

2mm HDPE geomembrane with ASTM standard

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HDPE geomembrane is mainly made of high density polyethylene liner with high molecular weight, high UV resistance, 700% expansion coefficient and high tensile strength. Mainly used as an impervious barrier for water action, chemicals, petrochemicals, solid waste (industrial and urban) and mining. Therefore, as soil, sand, concrete or steel, stored on different substrates, preserve water treatment and aquaculture. The geomembrane should be supplied in a continuous seamless piece with a maximum width of 8 meters. The length of the rollers must be optimized to carry them on site and minimize the number of welds.

Application industry or engineering & usage

1. Environmental protection

2. Water conservancy

3. municipal engineering

4. garden

5. petrochemicals

6. mining

7. traffic facilities

8. agriculture

9. aquiculture

10. seepage,corrosion,leaks control & reinforcement for other facility,leachate collextion

11. temporary container structure,prefabrication of special parts.

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The geomembrane can not be dragged and pull to avoid hurting by sharp objects during carrying.

  1. It should be extended from the bottom toward the top,can not tightly pull,it should keep 1.5% margins for local stretching. To view actual conditions,the laying sequence from top to bottom is adopted for slope.

  2. Two adjacent geomembrane's joints in the machine direction should not be on a level line,should be staggered over 1m.The overlap should be over 20cm.

  3. The joints in the machine direction should be over 1.5m apart from the foot of dam,turn,should be located at the plane.

  4. The direction of extend geomembrane should be basically parallel with the line of maximum slope when laying the slope.