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30kn Reinforce Rail Road Beds Warping Knitting Fiberglass Geogrids

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Tensile Strength At Break: 25kn~200kn
Roll Width: 1.5m, 2m,3.0m,3.95m,5.8m
Roll Length 50m, 100m
Certificate ISO, CE
Fiberglass geogrid is a new type of geosynthetic material. It is made from fiberglass filament. This product adopts unique woven technique. It is coated with a special solution. Fiberglass geogrid has strong tension. It can largely increase the bearing capacity of the ground and prolongs the service life of the road. This material has high tensile strength and good wear resistant performance. It is suitable for the reinforcement of soft soil, cement, concrete, asphalt and so on. Compared with steel plastic geogrid, fiberglass geogrid has better heat resistance. This material is characterized by excellent thermal stability. It performs well under high temperature.
Fiberglass geogrid has long term structural stability. It is suitable for permanent projects. Fiberglass geogrid is extensively used in asphalt pavement, soil stabilization and embankment reinforcement. It can effectively prevent the ground from cracking and subsiding. Applying this product can reduce the overlay thickness of asphalt, thereby, fiberglass geogrid can greatly reduce the construction cost and project investment.
1. A kind of planar mesh material using alkali-free fiberglass yarn as base body and then coated with high quality modified asphalt.
2. Warp knitted with oriental structure which gives full play of yarn strength and improves its mechanical property to make the product high tensile, tearing and  creep-resistant.
3. Coated with asphalt making full protection of the fiberglass matrix and greatly improving its wear and shear resistance.
4. Having a good performance in pavement strengthening, track cracking and solving difficulties of strengthening the bituminous pavement.
  1. Light weight, high tensile strength, high modulus, low elongation and good toughness.
  2. Corrosion  resistance, no long-term creep, long life span.
  3. Good physical and chemical stability and good thermal stability.
  4. Resistant to fatigue cracking, high-temperature track and low temperature shrinkage cracking.
  5. Delaying and decreasing crack reflection.
  1. Maintenance of old asphalt road reinforcement of asphalt pavement.
  2. Converting old cement concrete road into composite road.
  3. Restraining reflection cracking caused by block shrinkage.
  4. Preventing and controlling the cracking caused by new and old combination and uneven settlement. 
  5. Road extension.
  6. Reinforcement of soft soil foundation and overall strength of roadbed. 

SpecificationFGG30-30FGG 50-50FGG 80-80FGG 100-100FGG 120-120FGG 150-150FGG 200-200FGG 300-300
Mesh size(mm)25.4×25.4 Or 12.7×12.7 Or 50.8x50.8
Breaking strength
Warp direction305080100120150200300
Across warp305080100120150200300
Elongation at break
Warp direction4
Across warp4
Elasticity modulus(GPA)67
Thermal tolerance-100~280°C


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