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PE EVA Ecb PVC HDPE Geomembrane for Tunnel

- Jan 20, 2018 -

HDPE Geomembrane Performance:
1, Excellent physical and mechanical performance, high tearing resistance;good deformation adaptability, high puncture resistance;
2, High aging resistance, high UV resistance, anti-acid & alkali;
3, Excellent low & high temperature resistance, innocuous, long life span;
4, Perfect water proof performance, seepage and humidity resistance. 
HDPE Geomembrane Application:

1,Prevent leakage disposal in landfill or waste water or waste dregs disposing field. 
2,River bank, lake dam, mine remainings, reservoir, tunnel. Liquid storage pool(pit, mine) 
3,Preventing leakage in subway, basement, tunnel, hole. Anti-salt leskage in roadbed and other groundsill. 
4,The plane direction laying of dam, the vertical direction laying for groundsill, used in the construction fence and waste material field. 
5,Used in seawater of freshwater feed field. 
6,Used in groundsill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess. 
7,Preventing leakage on rooftop
HDPE Geomembrane Technical specifications
1) GH standard

        GH-1 GH-2 
1The tensile strength Mpa≥ 17≥ 25
2The percentage of breaking elongation rate %≥ 450≥ 550
3Right-angle tear strength N/mm≥ 80≥ 110
4Carbon black content 13%≥ 2
5Environmental stress cracking resistance F 20h-≥ 1500
6Oxidative induction time at 200 oC min-≥ 20
7The permeability coefficient of water vapor≤ 1.0 × 10 -13
8The impact and embrittlement property in low-temperature at 70 oC below zeropass the detection
9Dimensional stability percentage %± 3

2) ASTM D Standard

No.PropertiesTest MethodTest Value
1Thickness(mm)ASTM D51990.500.751.001.251.502.002.503.00
2Density (g/cm2)ASTM D1505  0.939
3Tensile Propeties  
Yield Strength(N/mm)ASTM D6693711151822293744
Break Strength(N/mm)1320273340536780
Yield Elongation %Type IV12
Break Elongation % 700
4Tear Resistance/NASTM D10046293125156187249311374
5Puncture Resistance/NASTM D4833160240320400480640800960
6Stress Crack resistance/hrASTM D5397
7Carbon Black  
Carbon Black Content %ASTM D16032.0-3.0
Carbon Black DispersionASTM D5596Carbon black dispersion(only near spherical agglomerates)
for 10 different views 9 in categories 1 or 2 and 1 in category 3
8Oxidative Induction Time(OIT) 
Standard OIT/minASTM D3895100
High Pressure OIT/minASTM D5885400
9Oven Aging at 85°C 
Standard OIT-% retained after 90 days   ASTM D389555
High pressure OIT-% retained after 90 days   ASTM D588580
10UV Resistance 
Standard OIT retained 
after 1600 hrs
ASTM D389550
High pressure OIT retained 
after 1600 hrs
ASTM D588550
11Low tempreture impact
 brittle property at -70°C
12Permeability g·cm/(cm2)·Pa_≤1.0×10-13
13Dimensional Stability/%_±2

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Geomembrane

1, Smoth surface HDPE Geomembrane
2, Textured surface HDPE Geomembrane
3, HDPE anti-skid point Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane Usage:

1, Prevent leakage disposal in landfill or waste water or waste dregs disposing field.
2, River bank, lake dam, mine remainings, reservoir, tunnel. Liquid storage pool(pit, mine)
3, Preventing leakage in subway, basement, tunnel, hole. Anti-salt leskage in roadbed and other groundsill.
4, The plane direction laying of dam, the vertical direction laying for groundsill, used in the construction fence and waste material field.
5, Used in seawater of freshwater feed field
6, Used in groundsill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.
7, Preventing leakage on rooftop

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