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PP Triaxial Geogrids Similar to Tensar Triax Geogrid

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Product Description

PP Triaxial Geogrids Similar To Tensar TriAx Geogrid


EltGrid-PPQG serial Quaxial Geogrid is a patent product. It is manufactured through multi-directional stretch with polypropylene as raw material.
Quaxial Geogrid has high tensile strength in the vertical, horizontal, both positive and negative direction of 45 degrees. The products are structured by triangle network. Compared to the square structure of biaxial geogrid, quaxial geogrid has better structural rigidity and stability.

Typical physical properties:

1, Stable triangular structure, effectively resist deformation;
2, Resist loads from different directions, high plan torsion resistance;
3, Resist slippage with soil, better performance of soil reinforcement;
4, High junction effciency.
5, Share the performance of Biaxial geogrid and an ideal alternative to biaxial geogrid


1, Roadbed and pavement reinforcing for railway, highway, airport.
2, Reinforcement for large parking lot and terminal freight yard and other kings of foundation under stress of long time.
3, Railway, highway slope protection.
4, Reinforcement of bridge and platform slope.
5, For the second reinforcement of the slope previously reinforced by the uniaxial geogrids, to further enhance soil stability and prevent soil erosion.
6, Reinforcement for the tunnel, culvert excavation slope, used for landslide control and building reinforced retaining wall combined with HDPE geogrid.

Packing & storage:
Normal packing size is width 3.95m*length 50m per roll.


UntisMD Values+45°Values-45°ValuesTD Values
Tensile Strength @ 2% StrainKn/m2.
Secant Modulus @ 2% StrainKn/m1158080115
Tensile Strength @ 5% StrainKn/m5.
Secant Modulus @ 5% StrainKn/m1067474106
Strain @ Ultimate Strength%13131313
Secant Stiffness @ 0.5% StrainKn/m280---

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