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Application Of Geosynthetics In Civil Engineering

- May 31, 2017 -

Geosynthetic materials (Geogrid or geotextile) can be added to the soil slopes. As far as the reinforcement function is concerned, the Geogrid and geotextile can play a role under the small strain compared with the acupuncture geotextile, and the geotextile has the water permeability in the plane of the geosynthetics which is not possessed by the Geogrid and the textile geotextile. In the actual application process, different geosynthetics can be combined to make the reinforced effect more good. For example, the needle-punched geotextile and geogrid can be stacked together, and the combination of the geotextile and the woven geotextile is combined, which has the reinforcement and drainage function. Geosynthetics is used as the soil slope drainage system (vertical and horizontal) and Geogrid, woven geotextile.

The application foreground of geosynthetics in reinforced soil slope is to make geosynthetics as a carrier containing activated carbon fiber, so that geosynthetics can be used as polymer or metal fiber with water conductivity. By means of electrophoresis, ion transfer and electro-osmosis, the properties of fine grained soil in the reinforced zone are improved.

Reinforced Earth Retaining wall

Similar to the reinforced soil slope, the reinforced earth retaining wall can form an upright wall surface. Reinforced material can be geotextile, but more is geogrid.

The application foreground of geosynthetics in reinforced Earth retaining wall is to set up the polymerization ropes, strips and anchors (or soil nails) in the Anchorage zone, and the wall element is anchored in the anchorage zone through the stiffened body. In essence, this concept has been adopted in in the 1980 of the 20th century in our country's reinforced Earth retaining wall. If the reinforced Earth retaining wall is close to the rock mass, the anchor (or soil nail) can be anchored to the rock.

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