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Biaxial Polyester Soil Reinforcement Geogrid Factory

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Application: Retaining Wall, Steep Slop, Dam, Road Base

  • Function: Anti-slip, Reinforcement

  • Material: Polyester

  • Model Number: 25kn-300kn

  • Elongation Rate: <=13%

  • Roll Length: 50m-100m

  • Transport Package: PVC Tube+PE Film

  • Origin: Taian, Shandong, China

  • Color: Black

  • Viscose: With Viscose

  • Classification: Polyester Geogrid

  • Name: Biaxial Polyester Soil Reinforcement Geogrid Factory

  • Mesh Size: 12.7*12.7mm. 25.4*25.4mm

  • Roll Width: 1-6m

  • Trademark: Shenzhou

    100-100kn PET geogrid.jpg

Product Description

Biaxial Polyester Soil Reinforcement Geogrid factory prices

(1)Roadbed reinforcement of road and railway,crack prevention,increase of roadbed strength;
(2)Reinforcement and stabilization of riverside,embankment and side slope;
(3)Dyke reinforcement on soft ground for stress evenness,sedimentation adjustment,increase of stability and loading capacity of fundus;
(4)Reinforcement of the surface of road and bridge.
(1)High intension,high tenacity,high occlusive force with soil or gravel,erosion-resistant,water drainage,light weigth.
(2)Reinforce soft soil roadbed,rib side slope of embankment,enhance isolation,inhibit ground deformation,prevent crack by reflection,increase strength of roadbed.

Warp Knitted polyester geogrid standard type

Performance/specification PET-20-20PET-30-30PET-40-40PET-50-50PET-80-80PET-100-100PET-120-120PET-140-140PET-180-180PET-200-200PET-300-300
Stretching ratio%13
Iintensity KN/MVertical2030405080100120140180200300
Center distance of the network (mm)12.7*12.7 25.4*25.4 40*40
Breadth m1-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-6
Warp Knitted polyester geogrid heterogeneous type
Performance/specification PET-50-30PET-60-35PET-80-30PET-80-50PET-100-50PET-100-85PET-120-50PET-140-60PET-180-100PET-200-100PET-300-200
Stretching ratio%13
Iintensity KN/MVertical50608080100100120140180200300
Center distance of the network (mm)12.7*12.7 25.4*25.4 40*40
Breadth m1-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-61-6

roadbed polyester geogrid.JPG


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