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Considerations For Geo-grating

- May 31, 2017 -

The paving surface of geogrid should be more smooth, after acceptance of the paved layer, in order to prevent vertical skew phenomenon, first according to the width in the paved layer of white line or hanging line, you can start to build, and then use iron nails to secure the end of the grid (8 per metre wide with nails, uniform distance fixed), fixed good grid end, with a paving machine will be slowly forward to the grille, each shop 10 meters long manual tension and straightening, until a roll of grille, and then spread the next volume, operation with the previous.

After finishing a roll, use a 6t 10t roller to grind from the starting point to the forward direction, (such as paving on the middle surface and leveling layer, with the steel roller roller is appropriate; such as grid directly paved on the concrete pavement, with cots suitable for the rollers,) to the shop: the length of the volume as a long laying, after the length of the grid should be paved, and then the overall inspection of the quality of the paving, and then the next section, the next section of paved, grille and grille can be 10-15c lap, With nails or wood wedge fixed after continue to pave the direction of the second paragraph, and so on, the operation requirements of the former.

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