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Geomembrane for Fish Farm with Ce

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Geomembranes are impermeable geosynthetics that, until recently, were mainly used as canal and pond liners. However, modern technology has broadened liner applications to include landfills, wastewater treatment lagoons, oil and gas exploration (including hydraulic fracturing or "fracking"), aquaculture, irrigation ponds and remediation. In many of these applications, nonwoven geotextileis used as a cushion to protect the geomembrane. In general, geomembrane liners offer excellent puncture resistance and can withstand a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. They are also highly flexible and conform well to the subgrade.

Application of  PE pond liner/HDPE geomembrane film


 1. Environmental protection ( living landfill yard, sewage treatment plant, solid waste of industrial and hospital , etc.).

2. Protection of Water Resources ( anti-seepage, leakage blockage and reinforcement of river, lake, banks, anti-seepage of canal, side slope, etc.).
3. Municipal projects (  subway and underground engineering structures , anti-seepage of plantation roof and roof garden, lining of sewage pipe, etc.).
4. Landscape garden ( artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs )

5. Mine industry (  ash field, dissolving tanks, yard pile and tailings ).
6.Traffic facilities (reinforcement of road foundation and anti-seepage of subway and culvert).
7. Agriculture (anti-seepage of ditch, channel, reservoir, drinking water tank, pool and irrigation system).


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