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Polymer PP Biaxial Geogrid Minimum Carbon Black 2%

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1. Introduction:
ELITE Plastic Biaxial PP Geogrid is an integrally formed structure,which especially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. ELITE biaxial geogrid is manufactured from Polypropylene,from the process of extruding,longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching.
It have high tensile strength at both longitudinal (MD) and transverse (TD) direction. It makes soil reinforced with its excellent structure stability and strong machanical interlock performance.

2. Pp Biaxial Geogrid Specification

No.Index PropertiesTest Method15/1520/2025/2530/3040/4045/4550/50
2Minimum Carbon Black %ASTM D42182
3Tensile Strength @ 2% Strain MD kN/mASTM D66375.
Tensile Strength @ 2% Strain TD kN/m5.
4Tensile Strength @ 5% Strain MD kN/m7.0141721283235
Tensile Strength @ 5% Strain TD kN/m7.0141721283235
5Ultimate Tensile Strength MD kN/m15202530404550
Ultimate Tensile Strength TD kN/m15202530404550
6Strain @ Ultimate Strength %13
 Structural Integrity 
7Junction Efficiency %GRI GG295
8Flexural Rigidity  mg-cmASTM D7748690,
9Aperture Stability m-N/degCOE Method0.640.7_1.432.1__
10Aperture Dimensions MD mm_36363434343434
Aperture Dimensions TD mm_38383636353436
11Minimum Rib Thickness MD mmASTM D17770.
Minimum Rib Thickness TD mm0.711.
12Roll Width  m_3.953.953.953.953.953.953.95
13Roll Length m_50505050505050
14Roll Weight  Kg_3948586896110128

3. Packing & Delivery
20KnX20Kn: width 3.95m*length per roll.220rolls,43450M2/40'HQ
30KnX30Kn: width 3.95m*length per roll.144rolls,28440M2/40'HQ
40KnX40Kn: width 3.95m*length per roll.90rolls,17775M2/40'HQ
Delivery: 3-15 days after order deposit

4. Features & Benefits
1), High tensile strength at both longitudinal and transverse direction.
2), High tension resistance,high plane torsion resistance modulus,good creep resistance and stable     chemical nature.
3), High mechanic damage resistance and durability and large friction factor with sandy stone.
4), It can improve bearing force of foundation and increase diffusion angle

5. Applications
1,Soft foundation reinforcing for highway, railway
2,Slope protecting projects
3,Landfill sites


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