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The Upgrade And Renovation Project Of The PP Biaxial Geogrid Production Line Is Completed Successfully

- Jun 23, 2018 -

On May 9,2018,PP biaxial/unixial geogrid production line in our company,as the heat from the die out of polypropylene plastic version,slowly through a long production line,and finally,stretching into rolls of PP biaxial geogrid,marks the line upgrade smoothly completed,formal resume production.This production line has been used for 5 years.After this upgrade and transformation,its equipment technology has been upgrade to the advanced level in China,and the main production is PP bidirectionaol/unidirectional tension geogrid.It provides strong support for our company to realize the upgrading of equipment and products and enhance the competitiveness of the market.

As one of the key technical reform projects of our company this year,the production line upgrade and renovation project started in early January this year,the total investment yuan.After a month of hard work,the project has been completed and formally put into operation.After this upgrade,the production process and equipment of PP bidirectional/unidirectional stretch geogrid have been advanced to the advanced level in China.It can produce high quality products,which can meet the production of different specifications of PP bidirectional/unidirectional geotextile grille.The production line adopts the technology to guarantee the high quality products,improve the product performance quality and grade,and fully meet the needs of the high-end market users.After the upgrade,the production line can produce a variety of specifications and width geogrid,which is a good start for the upgrade of our PP geogrid products.

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